Shree Swaminarayan Ashram Ghanshyam


Pujya Swami Vishnu Prakash Das Ji conducts short term Sabtah frequently on Shrimad Bhagwat, Satsangjivan, Ramayan and Vachnamrat.. Disciples of Swamiji hailing from different parts of India participate during the occasion..

Quite a few devotees of Swamiji from foreign countries like U.S.A, U.K, Australia etc. visit for attending the Sabtah and stay at the Ashram. Ashram provides the required facilities.. The Teerath Nagari visit remains memorable for the visitors for ever.

About Ghanshyam


Muni Ki Reti and Tapovan in Rishikesh are known as lands of great Tapsavies., Shri Swaminarayan Ashram is located in Muni Ki Reti.

The Great Rulers, Rajas, Rishies and Mahatmas and the followers of the God came to this land for Tapasya leaving behind their everything. They had the only goal to see the God. They used to perform hard Tapasya. They used to face a lot of physical problems, they used to sit under the trees and stayed in graves with the purpose of getting Adhyatm Gyan.. Shri Swaminarayan Ashram is located here and the place is known as Sheesham Jhari, Muni Ki Reti, because it had the maximum Sheesham Trees, Even today this Dev Bhoomi has the maximum Sheesham Trees..

Our Ashram has the attraction, it is sweet place because on this place so many Mahatmas had performed the Tapasya here is called Tapobhoomi..

Even today people from all over come here and say that their Gurus and Acharyas performed the Tapasya here.

Even our Granths and Purans show that it is Land of the Gods.

This Ashram was established here for the benefit of the God followers (Hari Bhakts) because before establishment of this Ashram devotees (Hari Bhakts) from Gujarat used to face problems of food and accommodation.

The Activities like Yagna/Annashetra, Mahapooja, Goseva are performed here.. The Yagna was started on 14th Jan, 2005 Makar Sakranti and it is performed between 7 A.M. to 9 A.M daily at Ganga Kinare in the Ashram.

The Ahuties of 1000 Vishnusahastranamavali and 108 Janmangal Namavali are offered continuously. The Gods and Devas are worshipped. The Yagna is performed daily throughout the year.

One can get the advantage of participation in Yagna by paying Rs. 251/- (Two hundred fifty one only). The Brahmans perform the Yagna and all the other activities are performed by the Brahmans.

The Ganga Aarti with Doodh Abhishek is performed by Brahmans with flowers and 51 Jyotis.. One can get the advantage of being Yajman of Aarti by paying Rs. 101/- (One hundred one only), this Satkarm (Activity) is performed so that Ganga Maa may fulfill the hopes of the Devotees.

An Ashram in Rishikesh was necessary so that visitors particularly from Gujrat could get a place in Rishikesh where they could get accommodation and food with Gujarat atmosphere comfortably.

Before establishment of this Ashram, we even wanted somebody else who could establish an Ashram, But the Lord Swaminarayan enabled us with the help of Shri Pravinbhai Laxmanbhai Lad’s family and other devotees to establish the Ashram in Rishikesh.. And today thousands of people have already got the advantage of visiting this Ashram., And whosoever has completed the Himalaya(Char Dham) Yatra, remembers the Swaminarayan Ashram in Rishikesh and has the will to come again here.

Bharatji performed Tapasya on right side of our Ashram Bhoomi, Laxmanji and Dhuvji performed Tapasya on left hand side of Ashram Bhoomi..

Mahadevji performed Tapasaya behind the Ashram Bhoomi. The place is known as Someshwar Mahadev.

Ganga Maa is flowing on the steps of the Ashram and the Yagnashala is established here.

Bhootnath Mahadev Mandir is located opp. Yagnashala and this is the place where the Wedding procession (Barat) of Mahadevji had a stay..

For Laxmanji`s treatment, Hanuman Ji had taken Dronachal Parvat from here with Sanjeevani Booti..

Thirteen story Mahadev Temple is located here and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is located 11 kms away from here on the hill..By road it is 22 Km.away. It is very famous historical temple., Mahadevji had taken poison from Devs and Danavs and kept in his throat, after taking poison the throat of Mahadevji became blue with the effect of poison, so it was called Neelkanth Mahadev. This place has a big temple called Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir. During July (Sravan Mas) lacs of people from all over India come here for prayers with Kavads.

Baba Kali Kamli wala was a famous Mahatma here who was known as a great Mahatma. He had a lot of Devotees and followers. His devotees established a trust known as Baba Kali Kamli Wale Trust. So many big Ashram were established under this Trust. Each Ashram has capacity of 1000 rooms for accommodation. A lot of people come here throughout the year. During Summer vacation there is a lot of rush and rooms are booked in advance. Parmarth Niketen, Geeta Bhavan, Swargashram, Ved Niketen, Vanprastha Ashram etc are the famous Ashrams located here. These Ashrams are located opposite Ram Jhoola on the bank of The Ganga. The place around Ram Jhoola is quite peaceful and attractive for Bhajan and Jap. If somebody sits here for sometime., he forgets the world behind. The atmosphere here gets a chance of meeting the God. The Ashrams here are located on the bank of flowing the Ganga which makes them quite attractive.